Computer Scientist (Artificial Intelligence)


Hi there, I am Quang Nguyen and I work as an online freelancer. My specialisations are in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. I really enjoy working with large datasets and using it to make predictions. The internet contains a lot of interesting text content and I feel like most of it is still relatively untapped.

Most work that I do for clients tend to be about Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. In addition, there are some occasional projects about Computer Vision, data scraping, data wrangling and some simple coding. All in all, a fitting term to describe me is a Computer Scientist specialised in Artificial Intelligence. However, nowadays the more popular term is Data Scientist.

I can not display a lot of my previous work due to most projects being closed source as well as using sensitive data. However, this blog is used to slowly build out a public portfolio of projects that I am working on in my free time. On top of that you can check out my LinkedIn, Github, Upwork and Kaggle profiles.

As for my current location and background. I was born and raised in Holland and got my Bsc. and Msc. in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam. While studying, I was also the technical cofounder of a small Android apps startup. After graduating and getting out of that business, I decided to travel the world and have now temporarily settled in Vietnam where I got back into Artificial Intelligence and started exploring the world of Data Science as a freelancer.