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The Best and Worst Full-Service Airlines in the World

This is a small follow-up to the previous post. At the end of that post, a chart was shown that displayed the best airlines in the world according to their customers overall ratings. This chart however, also took the ratings of all low-cost/budget airlines. The services that these airlines provide are incomparable to full-service airlines like Singapore Airlines and Japan Airlines. People who often travel with low-cost airlines do not have high expectations and are therefore less harsh in their evaluation of the airline. Due to these double standards, budget airlines are often rated higher compared to full-service ones.

So to level the playing field a bit, the following chart shows the best full-service airlines in the world according to their customers overall rating. The low-cost airlines are all filtered out and only ratings given within the past 5 years (2010-2015) were taken into consideration. Again, these ratings were gathered from user reviews posted on Skytrax’ website.

20 best full service airlines in the world

In addition, the worst full-service airlines in the world can also be ranked in a similar way. The following chart shows the lowest rated airlines in the world according to their own customers. Customers of these airlines are often not satisfied with the services provided or will often face a bad experience. It is therefore best to take this into consideration when planning your next trip.

20 worst full service airlines in the world

There can be a lot of reasons why some airlines are rated extremely low while others are well praised. To find and capture these reasons, customer reviews need to be analysed to really understand why a customer has given a low or high rating. As an example, Etihad Airways tries to brand itself as one of the luxurious full-service airlines in the world but it seems to be rated extremely low amongst its own customers. Reading some of the reviews of Etihad Airways shows that this airline does not seem to deliver what they promise. Here are some examples that were found in the reviews.

“All flights food was inedible. Quality of food has got worse but the fares keep going up! Ground staff useless as usual in Abu Dhabi.”

“Staff onboard were rude service was awful and they only came to see you at designated times such as when they had to feed us.”

“Thank you for your lack of assistance Etihad – other airlines are far more helpful.”

It seems that most of the negatives about Etihad Airways are due to bad food and incompetent personnel. Improving this will most certainly improve their long term prospects in the air travel industry.

As you can see, this is just a small sample of what interesting and detailed information the customer reviews contain. Reading and analysing all the reviews will be a tedious task, however applying Natural Language Processing may very well speed up the process and can thus be considered as future work in this domain.